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Budget for safety

Every year farmers face major financial management decisions. Not just in the thousands of dollars, but potentially in the millions. Nearly every financial decision has the ability to impact safety. Looking at putting up a new building? Think about grounded … Continue reading

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Resource: Teaching tips

Need a quick safety lesson idea for your class? Maybe you want to cover farm safety in your next 4-H meeting. Here’s a quick way to teach kids about the importance of helmet use whether it be on a bicycle, … Continue reading

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Resource: Teaching Tips

When it comes to rural roads, there’s a big difference between pavement and gravel. Especially when it comes to stopping distances. A cool website can help teachers demonstrate the difference to their students. Forensic Dynamics offers an online calculator. Students … Continue reading

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The Flu: Staying healthy

In case you haven’t heard, the flu is raging more so than normal this year. Some states, like New York have gone as far as declaring a “flu emergency.” The CDC reports that 20 children have already died during this flu season. … Continue reading

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Snowmobiles: Farm use or fun?

I read an article recently about a young man who died in a snowmobile accident. Recreational snowmobile use is common here in Iowa. It got me thinking though. Snowmobiles aren’t typically used for farm work here. But are they used … Continue reading

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