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Tip: Happy Halloween!

Halloween means neighborhoods full of ballerinas, ninjas, and super heroes running around after dark. Add to the equation copious amounts of sugar and it’s nothing but fun. Take a few extra steps to make sure trick-or-treating is safe too! – … Continue reading

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Tip: Power tools

The farmstead is a place where many electric hand and power tools are used to make farming easier.¬†Unfortunately, these wonderful aides can also be dangerous to those using them and those in proximity if used¬†improperly. All tools pose some amount … Continue reading

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Tip: Electrical safety

Electricity is a great advantage for farmers. But it can also pose a threat if not handled properly. One particular concern on farms is over head power lines given the large equipment that must be moved around. The Missouri Department … Continue reading

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Demonstration idea: Chemical look-a-likes

One way to reinforce safety messages is to conduct a safety demonstration. Everyone learns a little differently. Some people will take statistics to heart. Others will be affected by the potential harm a hazard can inflict. Considering farming is a … Continue reading

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