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Behind the scenes of “Small Town Big Deal”

What do you find when you turn on the TV? The kind of shows that ought to be left on the mat with what’s tracked in from the barn. Even the news is caked with stories of tragedy and sadness. … Continue reading

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Multi-taskers: Women in ag

Women in agriculture are the queens of multi-tasking. Not just with household and farm duties, but outside responsibilities as well. It’s becoming more common for women to have a full-time job off the farm. So not only are they delivering … Continue reading

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Land of sunflowers and oil

North Dakota is the land of sunflowers and… oil refineries. Between 2010 and 2011 oil exports from North Dakota increased by 200 percent. (According tot he U.S. Census) Oil has become a very big deal there. Photo from We … Continue reading

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The infamous Dodge commercial and a question

Like most – if not all – of you, we really loved the Dodge Super Bowl commercial “So God Made a Farmer.” Paul Harvey’s speech explains the beauty, struggle, and blessings farmers live every day. Even more so, it aired … Continue reading

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Safety first: Falling

My junior year of college I got burnt out taking classes I didn’t think contributed to my degree. So I transferred from a university to a two-year community college to spend a semester… riding horses. Ironically, the way the journalism … Continue reading

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Are you certified?

You head out to the barn after getting the kids on the bus to find your worst nightmare. Your husband writhing on the floor of a stall, clutching his chest. It seems like a heart attack, but you can’t be … Continue reading

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