What should your kids do on the farm?

boy picking strawberriesWondering what your kids should do to help on the farm? Take a  look a the North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT).  A truck load of information awaits you! Below are the 10 ten guidelines.

  1. Working with large animals
  2. Driving a farm tractor (no implement attached)
  3. Farmwork with an All-Terrain Vehicle
  4. Feeding hay to cows (square bales)
  5. Farmstead equipment
  6. Trailed implement fieldwork
  7. Leading and grooming animals
  8. Repairing fence
  9. Using a front end loader
  10. Unloading hay
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Window safety & The Hannah Geneser Foundation

Did you know that 12 kids die annually from window falls and another 5,000 are injured? The Hannah Geneser Foundation is doing what they can to prevent more children from fatal falls in honor of their daughter Hannah, who passed away in March of 2011.

There are a few things you can do as parents to prevent a fatal fall:

  • Supervise your children as they play
  • Teach your children not to play near windows
  • Close and lock your windows when children are around
  • Only open windows that children cannot reach or are secured with compliant locks
  • Keep beds, furniture, and anything a child can climb on away from windows
  • Do not depend on screens to prevent falls, they are not designed for this purpose
  • Repair broken windows or non-working parts as soon as possible
  • Open windows from the top, not from the bottom
  • Install child safety devices that comply with ASTM F2090-2008 and 2010 standards
  • Never leave young children unattended near open windows

To learn more about Hannah and to get more information on window safety, visit The Hannah Geneser Foundation today!



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Get your tractor safety puzzles here!

In case you haven’t found them on our website, we have linked all of our tractor safety activities and puzzles below. You may be prompted to enter some information before given access, but that will only happen once and is used to better serve you. Enjoy!



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What kind of farm do you live on?

To better serve you and just because we are curious, will you help us out? We want to know what you grow on your farm. Click here to answer! Thanks!

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Proximity shut-off possible for farm equipment?

A company called Little Feet Safety Systems has created a device they believe will decline the number of childhood lawn mower injuries. According to them, 300,000 lawn mowing accidents occur annually. Little Feet Safety Systems has created a device that interacts with a lawn mower’s spark plug and has the ability to stop the machine when a signal is sent by a nearby transponder worn by a child or pet.

It sounds like this project is in the beginning stages but we certainly like the idea if it means more of our rural children will be safe from injury! Could something like this be used on tractors and other farm equipment? Sounds like the transponder chip is small enough to be inconspicuous but how would you make sure your child always has it on? Let us know what you think!

lawn mower shut off

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Remote areas can lead to longer response times

The open space and distance of rural living can mean working in remote areas alone. If an accident happens, it may take time for someone to make the initial call for help. It also means it will take longer for emergency responders to reach you. Communication is key!

  • Never work alone
  • Have a cell phone or two-way radio on you at all times
  • Always let others know where you are and check in regularly
  • Know the geographical location of your farm
  • Provide EMS with landmarks and reference points to direct them to the right spot
  • Consider posting location information around the farm for all to see or carry it on a card in your pocket
  • Teach your children what to do in an emergency situation and how to call for help

There is a movement in Ireland to eliminate the uncertainty of a farmer’s location and aid the rescue team in getting to the injured person in a timelier manner. Read more from The Scottish Farmer.


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Back to school they go

New supplies – Check.   New clothes – Check.  New safety habits – Check.

A new school year brings a new routine filled with early morning bus rides, afterschool activities, and homework for days! Why not make sure your family gets through it safely. Make safety a habit this coming school year and commit to keeping your family free from danger. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Obey all traffic laws to and from school
  • Post emergency contact numbers on the fridge
  • Create evacuation plans for a house fire or other emergency
  • Re-stock your first aid kits
  • Have the kids memorize important numbers instead of relying on cell phone contacts
  • Never leave the house with a candle burning

Fun Safety books at HBC


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