#SleepAwarenessWeek – The stages of sleep explained!

Happy Sleep Awareness Week everyone! In honor of the week we took a look at the CDC’s BAM! Body and Mind section. We were curious about what really happens when we sleep, and we found the answer!

Here is what they said:

Sleep is divided into five stages. The sleep stages come in cycles. All night, we go through a series of cycles that last about 90 minutes

Kendra trying to sleep

Image taken from the CDC website.

Stages 1 and 2
Light sleep. In fact, stage 1 sleep is very close to being very relaxed when you’re awake. It’s easier to wake up or be woken up. If you wake up in these phases, you might not even realize you were asleep!

Stages 3 and 4
Deep sleep. Your breathing and heart rate slow down. The deeper the sleep, the better it is for you. It’s hard to wake up from stages 3 and 4. You might feel groggy or not realize what’s going on at first.

REM is short for “Rapid Eye Movement.” This stage is when you dream. If you remember a dream, it’s probably because you were in REM sleep when you woke up. You can tell when someone’s in the stage because their eyes move around, even though they’re closed, like they’re looking at everything in their dream. The brain sends out signals to the rest of your muscles to keep them from acting out your dreams. Sometimes, the signals don’t work. That’s when some people might talk or walk in their sleep. Scientists don’t know yet why that happens.

Want more information? Visit the CDC’s website using the links provided.



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