Despite the work that has been done over the past decades to improve farm safety, each year hundreds of farmers die and many more are injured in tractor accidents across the nation. We could lower the rate of fatalities by one-third if we address one issue: tractor overturns.

Overturns are the most frequent cause of death on U.S. farms. With the elimination of tractor overturn deaths, we could even save the nation nearly $100 million in associated costs annually.

Here’s the solution: ROPS.IMG_0174

Rollover protective structures (ROPS) help protect tractor drivers if a rollover occurs. All tractors manufactured since the mid 1980’s must have a ROPS. It is a requirement by law. There are still many older tractors that don’t have ROPS and are at risk if the tractor tips and the driver is pinned by the heavy machine.

We aren’t talking about the antique tractors seen in parades, we are talking about older tractors that are still in use on your farm. There are kits available for you to retrofit your older tractor to be safer and we encourage you look into it! Talk to your local implement dealer to retrofit your older tractors and stay safe.

About Farm Safety For Just Kids

Farm Safety For Just Kids is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to rural children and youth. We produce and distribute educational materials addressing various dangers commonly found in the rural environment. Farm Safety For Just Kids is supported by a chapter network of grassroots volunteers located throughout the United States and Canada. The organization also has part-time outreach coordinators in several states. Chapters, outreach coordinators, and volunteers conduct educational programs to raise awareness about safety and health issues affecting their communities.
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