Does color really matter?

So, when it comes to tractors, what do you prefer? Red paint or green paint? Or perhaps yellow or blue? The age old question and controversial conversation of which tractor is better will never rest. For me there is no question which is better, but to keep our sponsors happy…I will let you decide for yourself!

Everyone has their reasons as to why they choose one over the other and that is perfectly fine. As far as Farm Safety For Just Kids is concerned the only thing that matters is safety! That’s right, we have no preference of paint color when it comes to safety features.

Thanks to today’s manufacturing standards and requirements, tractors are made safer than they have ever been and that makes us very happy! Things like seat belts, PTO shields, lighting and markings, and ROPS are now in wide spread use when designing new tractors and these are the things that will keep our farmers safe.

So the next time you head over to your local tractor dealer, make sure safety features are on your list of requirements especially with pre-owned equipment…along with your preferred paint color! So we have to ask, what color do you prefer?



About Farm Safety For Just Kids

Farm Safety For Just Kids is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to rural children and youth. We produce and distribute educational materials addressing various dangers commonly found in the rural environment. Farm Safety For Just Kids is supported by a chapter network of grassroots volunteers located throughout the United States and Canada. The organization also has part-time outreach coordinators in several states. Chapters, outreach coordinators, and volunteers conduct educational programs to raise awareness about safety and health issues affecting their communities.
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3 Responses to Does color really matter?

  1. Chris A says:

    We love all Tractor colors, specially the Red ones. Stop by and take a look at our Tractor Parts, Accessories and Apparel –

  2. Brandi says:

    We’re diehard John Deere fans here :). My fiance is a ag mechanic and would argue that JD tractors last long, are more simple to work on, and hold their value better.

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