Tip: Power tools

The farmstead is a place where many electric hand and power tools are used to make farming easier. Unfortunately, these wonderful aides can also be dangerous to those using them and those in proximity if used improperly.

All tools pose some amount of danger but electric hand tools have the added danger of speed, power, and electrical currents that can shock and even kill when not used properly.

Teaching proper use of hand tools and the precautions that are necessary for their safe use is critical for youth. Proper use of hammers, screwdrivers, and shovels teach children respect before they move on to using potentially more dangerous items like power tools.

Avoid accidents and health problems by:
• Picking the right tool for the job.
• Replacing or repair damaged tools.
• Making sure cords are in good repair when using electrical tools.
• Wearing personal protective equipment such as ear plugs, dust masks, and goggles.
• Making sure all shields are in good shape to protect from flying debris and moving parts.
• Making sure the area around tools is kept free from clutter to prevent falls.

Remember tools can be a real help when working on the farm. They can also be very harmful if not used with respect. Train young workers to do the same.

About Farm Safety For Just Kids

Farm Safety For Just Kids is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to rural children and youth. We produce and distribute educational materials addressing various dangers commonly found in the rural environment. Farm Safety For Just Kids is supported by a chapter network of grassroots volunteers located throughout the United States and Canada. The organization also has part-time outreach coordinators in several states. Chapters, outreach coordinators, and volunteers conduct educational programs to raise awareness about safety and health issues affecting their communities.
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2 Responses to Tip: Power tools

  1. But Becky hardly people read safety cautions.

  2. Always follow the safety suggestions on power tools. “Ears & Eyes” we always say. Gloves should be worn as a matter of preference. You only have one set of ears and eyes, protect them at all costs. One lazy move can cost you everything. Great list.

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