Tip: Chemical safety

Ask someone about farm chemicals and their first response will probably be pesticides or insecticides.  But it’s so much more than that. Gas, diesel fuel, anti-freeze, motor oil, and coolant required for equipment are considered chemicals, as are household products like bleach, bug spray, and toilet bowl cleaner.

Watch for these terms on any container

CAUTION – (yellow) could result inn minor or moderate injury if hazard is not avoided.

WARNING – (orange) could cause serious injury or death if hazard is not avoided.

DANGER – (red) a high probability of serious injury or death if hazard is not avoided.


A few tips to prevent chemical exposure:

• Store chemicals in their original container in a locked area

• Wear personal protective equipment

• Dispose of chemicals and their containers properly

• Be aware of drift and spills when applying chemicals

• Wash clothes worn while applying chemicals separately

• Close all containers and put out of reach of children.



Right now.

Take five seconds and add this to your cell phone contacts list:

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222


Because when you need it, seconds will count and even Google won’t be fast enough.

About Farm Safety For Just Kids

Farm Safety For Just Kids is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to rural children and youth. We produce and distribute educational materials addressing various dangers commonly found in the rural environment. Farm Safety For Just Kids is supported by a chapter network of grassroots volunteers located throughout the United States and Canada. The organization also has part-time outreach coordinators in several states. Chapters, outreach coordinators, and volunteers conduct educational programs to raise awareness about safety and health issues affecting their communities.
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